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How does SIP instalment work?
How does SIP instalment work?

Learn how funds are used from your Kotak trading account for SIP orders

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In case you have a Kotak Trinity account (3-in-1 account),

  • The funds for your SIP instalment will be automatically transferred from your linked bank account into your trading account on the SIP due date (known as the auto-debit facility) and the orders will be placed.

  • If the bank account does not have sufficient balance, but there is sufficient ledger balance available, the orders shall go through successfully

  • The bank account will be debited even if there’s a ledger balance which is greater than the SIP amount.

  • SIP instalment orders will be processed only after clearing all pending debits

  • Please take note, since the orders are placed after transfer of funds (auto-debit), there might be a difference in the fund transfer amount and the actual traded value.

In case you have a trading account which is NOT a Trinity Account,

  • The orders will be placed if there is sufficient margin available on the SIP due date, given all pending debits are cleared

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