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My Portfolio Health says it’s at risk. What can I do?
My Portfolio Health says it’s at risk. What can I do?

Fix your portfolio with the core-satellite based approach

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Portfolio Health checks for adequate allocation towards core and satellites and gives the best possible risk-adjusted returns. Your portfolio health can have 2 states depending on the investments you have - "Good Shape" or "At Risk"

Core missing/lagging

  • Your portfolio will be at risk if you don’t have a core smallcase in your investment

  • To mitigate this risk you can invest in All Weather Investing smallcase.

Slow-moving satellite missing /lagging:

  • Your portfolio may be at risk if the value of your slow-moving satellite smallcases is less than 30%

  • Slow-moving satellites help you take exposure to large-cap focused strategies

  • You can add a slow-moving satellite to your portfolio to mitigate this risk

Once you have the correct allocation in your investments your portfolios will be in good shape.

💡 Pro-tip: Consider performing the action suggested by Portfolio Health tool on your "Investment insights".

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