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How to use filters on discover?

Narrow down your search using smart filters

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By using filters on the smallcase platform, you can find the investment idea matches your requirement:

In the Discover page, you have smallcases that are presented in a list format, here you can apply filters and choose a smallcase:

  • Minimum Investment: The min. investment filter will help you choose from smallcases that fit in your budget. Watch this video to know more about min. investment amount

  • Risk label: You can search smallcases based on your risk appetite. Click on "More Filters" and select the risk label. Watch this video to know more about risk label

  • The β€œBy Type” filter helps you choose the type of smallcase (thematic, sector trackers, etc.) that you are looking for.

  • You can also sort your filtered results based on popularity, recently rebalanced, recently published, returns and CAGR

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